Medora Of London Lipsticks Collection and Reviews

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Due to so many requests I decided to do an indepth review of the Lipsticks from Medora. These lipsticks are Made in Pakistan Swat and are only available in Pakistan at drug stores or shops that carry makeup products.
I personally love these lipsticks as they have a matte finish which I prefer as I have thin lips and most of the lipsticks have a creamy/sheen finish and I feel that they dont last too long on my lips or just bleed out. And I hate it when I am wearing a creamy lipstick and even if my hair brushes over it, it just I had been looking for some really good matte lipsticks which would be long weraing and not too dry but still not too shiny or creamy.
When I came across the Medora lipsticks I instantly fell in love because they were all that I wished for plus they came in such unique shades...shimmery, glittery, matte and frosted but still not too creamy if you know what I mean.

                                                     Click on the pic to see it bigger.

I got 20 different shades in the pic above you can see 19 of them and I melted down the 20th shades for my kit. In the picture above the shades are:
Top Row Left to Right:
  1. Violet 212
  2. Gypsy red 253
  3. Berry 218
  4. Hint of Pink 210
  5. Sugar Candy 215
  6. Flavour 216
  7. Garnet 204
  8. Bordeaux 209
  9. Burnt Orange 520
  10. Dessert Rose 528
Bottom Row Left to Right:
  1. Orbroni 205
  2. Viva Glam 235
  3. Gold Opal 299
  4. Down Town 282
  5. Sonic 248
  6. Miss Fizz 261
  7. Frosted Natural 281
  8. Vista 242
  9. Nude I dont remember the name or no. for the last one the sticker came off.

Siss is the last shade I metled for my kit and its the 1st one from the right. The shades I got were carefully selected as I only got the ones I didn't already have in my collection; in the finish I wanted. They are amazingly pigmented and absolutely gorgeous colours. These shades are especially perfect for Asian Pakistani bridal looks or for evening makeup looks.

The fact which makes me love them is that there are all different types of textures( glitter, shimmery, frosty) but with a non greasy finish exactly what I wanted.

The Violet is a true violet shades which is a completely matte finish. Love this for dramatic looks.

Gypsy Red is my most worn Red lipstick as it has a great staying power and is the most low maintainance Red lippy with a gorgeous deep red shade.

Berry is a beautiful purple pink lipstick which comes off as slightly more deeper than it appears in the pic and is perfect for fall.

Hint Of Pink is one of my fav a pretty vintage pink shade.Lovely matte shade.

Sugar Candy is Lilac shade in a sheer shimmery finish.

Flavour is a a shade shy from barbie pink its not too bright but not too subtle.

Garnet is a deep maroon in matte finish and has good staying power.

Bordeaux is a very unique shade, it didnt come out as good in the pic but its a beautiful deep maroon with subtle golden sheen running through it.

Burnt Orange is a reddish copper with fine gold glitter. but the glitter is so finely milled that u wont feel it on the lips.

DessertRose is a sheer pink with fine silver glitter. beautiful shade.

Orbroni is a reddisd brown with gold glitter perfect for evening party looks.

Viva Glam is one of my favourite and its a perfect nude on my lips without looking too dull.

Gold Opal is the most amazing lipstick its pale gold with a slight pink and gold shimmer and without a doubt in the list of my top 5 lipsticks. When ever i go to buy Medora lipsticks this one always catches my eyes n  i pick it up and then realize that I already have this one. But  its always a treat for  the eyes.

Down Town is a rich and earthy matte brown.

Sonic is another one of my most worn lipsticks it is a coppery brown with gold shimmer. Beautiful to go along with copper bronze embroidery.

Absolutely gorgeous Pale gold lipstick with gold shimmer is called Miss Fizz. A unique shade.

Frosted Natural as the name suggests is a very natural shade with a slight frost another beautiful lipstick.

Vista is a browny nude shade with a matte finish can be a good base if you want to wear lipgloss but dont want to wear it alone.

This was my first medora lipstick. I bought this neutral shade to use as a base and it worked perfectly but the sticker came off and I dn't know the name of the shade. I am almost at the end of the bullet hopefully next time I go to buy this I can match out the colour for repurchase.

Siss from Medora was the shade I ended up buying when I cudnt find the exact shade as above to use as a base. you can see its quite similar but just a hint darker than the nudy shade.

So these were all the Medora lipsticks I have up till now hopefully will be getting some more next time I visit Pakistan. But all in all I was quite impressed with some thing made in Pakistan. Hope they come out with more beautiful colours.

These were my own opinions about these lipsticks, may be there are some of you who find them dry or not suitable for you, as everyone has their own preferences. Do let me know about your views on these lipsticks and your favourite shades and also share the pics of your fav shades from Medora on my facebook page
I would love to see new and different shades from them for my next trip to buy.  :)

Hope this helped those who asked for the review.


  1. i'd love to have them all, but if i had to choose i'd pick gold opal. it's sooo pretty... it's a pity they're only available in Pakistan, I'm sure I will never have a chance to go there...

  2. i love these colour but we cant get them in u.k

  3. im still on the hunt for a good nude lipstick for myself =[ i need something opaque =/ some of the shades look like possible matches but i can't get my hands on them even to try out...but overall nice post! love that you did swatches of all of them! thank you

  4. Thnxs a bunch!
    Now when I come to think of it I had almost 10 shades of Medora abt 10 yrs back n <3'ed all of 'em! Yes they r highly pigmented n last on ur lips like forever! I think I'll have to ask my sis in pak to send me some up here in Canada!

  5. They look good! Love the swatches. Thanks for the detailed review <3 Very helpful.

  6. Thanks for all the swatches. I personally LOVE medora too. I never knew they will be so nice. I have the color Beloved and will now buy FLAME. It's a gorgeous color too.

  7. try glamor by medora or rose butterfly both are great shades...

    lovely swatches

  8. hi,
    the next giveaway Medora lipstick ,please !!!!!!

  9. Finally a review on medora lipsticks! I was surpirised no one had ever raved a bout them, thankfully I came across this article.
    I got 2 from pakistan in shades tempting and fiesta. Tempting looks so natural on lips no one can tell i have lipstick on!
    Btw, love your blog, followed you just now :D

  10. Hey!! I saw ur pics on this other website!! Please check this:

  11. Thank you so much Ruqaiya Khan for sending me this link . The person have completely stolen my whole blog with pictures. Do you know how to report this? of who is the person?

  12. hi,
    i am following ur blog
    plz follow mine

  13. Thank you so much! This is very helpful. I can't get these here in the U.S.A. Does anyone know an online store where I can purchase the shades?

    1. This is a Pakistani brand and I doubt that you will find them in the US

  14. love ur blog, thank god someone did a review on medpra also. i love the shades and gonna buy all of them :)

  15. this is the number of the lipstick from which the sticker came of and you dont have the number!
    here you go!
    here is the number: 231 siss.

  16. I used to think only I am the one with a huge Medora collection. Liked the review and your collection of colors. :)

  17. one of the nicest brown shades in medora is brown tom tom! I am never without it. #246

  18. i have a few of these lipsticks my absolute all time favourite is shade 216!!!!!

    i love it!!!!

  19. There is a seller on Ebay

  20. Wht iz the halal status of medora lipsticks?

  21. Where i can buy these medora lipsticks i need 216 and 561

    1. Lipsticks from Medora of London. These lipsticks are Made in Pakistan and only available at beauty products in Pakistan on drug stores or online shopping stores in Pakistan. Because having a big network of more than 200 distributors, the company is able to provide the service of our consumers all over Pakistan. I personally love these lipsticks and preferably for beauticians and most of the lipsticks have a creamy/sheen finish unique shades...shimmery, glittery.

  22. I had a matte lipstick from Medora 6 years ago, I'm up for some lipstick shopping, I'm definitely getting Medora, nice review, now I know which shades to get :D

  23. Hi, do you know if these are halal?

  24. I think your nude one with the missing sticker is 281 - Frosted Natural.

  25. This post will be very useful to us....i like your blog and helpful to me....nice thoughts for your great work..

    Best Lipstick

  26. My colleague sold me medora beloved matte 559 how much is it in store? Please help am in south africa durban and where can i get them?

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Hi, how can I get the Medora lipstick in South Africa?

    1. Hello I sell medora lipsticks in south africa you can contact me 0842137139

    2. Hello I sell medora lipsticks in south africa you can contact me 0842137139

    3. for how much you sell them all coulors or if few or wther each.

  29. To buy medora lipstick go on my page can post anywhere in world

  30. To buy medora lipstick go on my page can post anywhere in world

  31. i like medora lipstick because of halal ingredients

    1. Assalamu Allaikum are u sure that medora lipsticks are halal what source due you know that..please do reply

  32. or rose and butterfly rose r my favorite shades

  33. Hello Dear, I'm badly in need of 242 vista shade of's not available in the market, neither in medora brand nor in any other brands' shades... please help me (Anne)

  34. Please where can I buy medora lipstick in Manchester??? I really love it but I can't find here....anyone could help me?? Thanks

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  36. Where can I get the lipsticks in South Africa - eastern cape

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