Monday, 31 January 2011

Frontcover Mermaid Dreams Palette Swatches and Reviews

Frontcover cosmetics are available at Boots and also on their online website. Mermaid Dreams palette is one of their Classics. When it came out i was reluctant to buy it even though the colors of the eyeshadows in this palette were really startling. The reason was that I already owned the Frontcover Rainbow Eyes palette which is a big palette and it costs £30 where as the Mermaid Dreams palette is quite smaller than the Rainbow Eyes palette and also from wat I was expecting. The other reason was that I didn't see any good swatches of the product on the internet so it didn't seem to be worth spending £25.

But a couple of weeks ago I was shopping at Boots and I saw the mermaid dreams palette again and it was on offer!. It was only for £13...and totally tempting so I just had to have it.

Its a beautiful palette with blues, greens, aqua and lemon grass colors and also some pretty bronze, gray and neutral colors. The packaging is really nice and colorful and also comes with tips of creating three different looks. This palette also has a magnetic lid which was a plus point for me cuz the old Rainbow eyes didnt have this feature.

All the eyeshadows are baked because the company say "Baked powder eyeshadows offer sublime quality and formulations. Known for their exceptional iridescence and pay off the colour gives you a total wow factor!"

Well I guess they are right...the eyeshadows are really pigmented but the thing I realized was that some of them are quite shimmery and a lot of them are very light shades of greens and blues so dats why in pictures they dont appear to be as pigmented as they are in real life.

Not all the eyeshadows are shimmery some of them are matte. I swatched the eyeshadows three times in the pan and three times on my arm without any primer underneath.

I feel the best way to apply them is with a good eyeshadow primer underneath. I used the Urban Decay primer for creating this look

I used "Sunbleach" in the inner corner, then "Lime", "Baked Bronze" and "Seagrass" on the lid. "Seabed" and "Comino" in the crease and "Moonstruck" as the highlighter.

On the lower lid I used "Plunge pool" and "Drifter". Used the Shadowline liquid to transform "Nighttime" into an eyeliner which I also used to fill in my eyebrows.

Frontcover has definitely improved the quality of the brushes with their palettes...this palette came with a single brush with a flat shader brush at one end and a pencil brush at the other. The quality is quite good and they carry the pigment very well.

Overall I'll give this palette 4/5. If u see it on offer for £13 grab it! but I am still not so sure if I'll buy it for £25.


  1. loving the palette and loving ur eye make-up!
    i would go for it even its for £25 :D