Wednesday, 26 January 2011

How to Make Your Own Eyeshadow Primer/Base

I thought I would share this with you girls today...I know every one wants to know how to get best results from your eyeshadow...but a good primer is either hard to get in some parts of the world or too expensive for most of us who are on a is some thing to help you out...

Things you will need:

1. Body Butter
2. Liquid foundation (the one you don't use anymore or the color doesn't match, u can use for this purpose )
3. Tea spoon
4. A small empty container with lid
5. Q tip with one end cut off.

Make sure that you use Body Butter NOT Vaseline or lotion and the Body Butter should be white or skin colored as shown in the pic. The reason why we are using Body Butter is that it thickens the consistency, smooths the lines in the skin so that the eyeshadow adheres nicely and its not Oily; drys out quickly giving good results.The liquid foundation I had lying around was too dark for my skin so i used it with the coco body butter.

Take half a tea spoon of body butter in the container and add equal amount of liquid foundation in it i.e half a tea spoon.

Mix well with the help of Q tip until they both are amalgamated.


Keep it covered to prevent it from drying out. You only need a tiny tiny amount to apply as a base, let it dry a little and then apply your eyeshadow. In the pic above you can see the results of Urban Decay Primer Potion Top left, My primer on top right and eyeshadow without primer on the bottom.
I am sure all you guys would have these ingredients lying around your house....Its very easy and simple and takes no time to make. You guys try it and let me know how it worked out !!! :D

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  1. Wow! This is a great technique of creating a primer! Well done! I'm going to try this out, and who knows, maybe i will add this in my pro kit :) Keep up the good work!