Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Makeup-Tips & Tricks by Mariya Rai

Here are some tips and tricks that i think everyone should know to get better results from their makeup to attain flawless ill start from the foundation to the end...


1. Always apply a suitable moisturizer on ur face 5-8 min before u start applying makeup and by suitable i mean which is compatable with ur skin type i.e dry, oily or normal. The moisturizer will help to prevent the dry or oily patches which appear when u apply makeup.

2. It is always better to apply a face primer especially if u have an uneven skin and/or when u are using a pancake/cream foundation.

3. For liquid foundation i would recommend a stippling brush and for cream/pancake foundation a foundation brush.

Face Powder:

1. If your foundation is a shade darker or lighter than ur desired color than apply a lighter or darker shade of face powder that will bring out the shade u want. And if ur foundation is a perfect shade for ur skin i recommend a translucent FP.

2. I prefer to apply face powder with a big powder brush instead of pressing it on my face with the sponge applicator because that gives a very powdery finish...which we do not want.


1. Always contour in the hollow of ur cheeks...and take it lightly up to the temples till ur brows.

2. For somebody who has a chubby face like me hehehe and who has a double or connected chin...always contour ur jaw bone.

3. dont forget to highlight the highest point of ur cheek bones below ur eyes.

4. Apply a very light dusting of blush on the apples of the cheeks to imitate a natural blush.

5. If u have nose issues then i wud recommend that u lightly contour both sides of ur nose to make it look a little thinner.

Eye Brows:

1. I prefer an eyeshadow to fill in my brows. If ur hair is dark apply a shade lighter than ur hair in ur brows and if u have light hair apply a shade darker.

2. If u have thin brows out line the shape of ur brows with a brow pencil and then fill it with the pencil or shadow but dnt forget to blend with the brush so that the brows dont look too harsh.


1. For ur eyeshadows to be vibrant always use an eyeshadow primer.

2. For that gorgeous thick mascara always apply two to three coats of a good quality mascara. Always apply the mascara from the roots and rock the applicator in the roots and take it to the tips of lashes...this will give them a natural curl and dont forget that eyelashes grow in different directions so dont brush them in just one direction...always brush inwards towards the nose, up and outwards.

3. for lower lashes apply mascara on the tips of lashes to give a wider look to the eye.


1. Apply a lip moisturizer a few mins before applying lipstick to soften the lips and avoid chapping.

2. Use a sharpen lip pencil for precision.

3. Apply lipstick with a brush cuz it gives accuracy and helps the lipstick to go into the tiny creases of the lips giving a smooth finish.

4. To get a pouty plump lip look apply a lighter shade of lip gloss on the center of the upper and lower lip....if u have a habit of licking ur lips or have a runny lip gloss prob the its better to apply a light shade (similar to the lipstick) of an eyeshadow instead.

so here are a few things that i remembered right now....if i missed anything i wud be sure to tell u guys.......hope some of u will benefit from these pointers :D

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