Thursday, 27 January 2011

Removing Makeup made easy!!!

Hello my dear friends, I know putting on makeup is great fun but at the end of the day when u have to take it off u just keep delaying or even sleep with it on......reason being the makeup removing process.....I literally hated the time when u have to wrestle with the the water proof mascara and makeup.

Today I am gonna tell u an effortless way of getting rid of the makeup without hassle and also replenishing ur skin...a perfect before going to bed here we go...

1. First of all I do not recommend using makeup wipes cuz i just think that u have to rub n scrub with them to take of all that mascara until the eyes start hurting...and they are bad for the delicate skin around the eyes. Be very careful about not to pull or rub around the eyes especially if are above 25 years of age cuz the regeneration process of the skin starts to slow done and any kind of strain on the skin can cause early wrinkles.........and we don't want that do we?

2. Remove ur lipstick with a tiny bit of moisturizer on a cotton ball; don't rub just dab.

3. For eye makeup....You will need plain cotton/cotton pleats/ cotton balls/ cotton eye-pads...what ever form of cotton is available to u...we just want two flattened cotton patches for each eye.

4. Dab a good eye makeup remover on the cotton patches so that they are quite simply place them on the eyes and press very lightly especially near ur DON'T rub just leave the patches pressed to the eyes for about 2 mins, let the makeup remover dissolve the makeup...thats what its meant helps the water proof makeup to dissolve.

5. Now carefully slightly rock the cotton eye patches over the eyes and take them off...u will see that almost 80% of the makeup will come off with the cotton. If there is still some left gently wipe it with the back of the damp cotton.

6. For under the lower lash line get a Q-tip/cotton earbud....and use the eye makeup remover to gently remove the remaining mascara.

7. Now take some cleansing lotion and massage it on ur face and neck, this will remove the foundation n face makeup....always remember to massage in upwards and outwards strokes, which keeps the skin up n tight. Remove with a wet sponge/cotton but i prefer to wash it off with lukewarm water.

8. Massage the cleanser once again, this time to replenish the skin and to get the circulation going to keep the skin fresh and healthy...again wash with lukewarm water.

9. Apply a toner if u have oily patches on ur skin then apply a good moisturizer.

10. I do a lot of practice of makeup on myself so i definitely put on some eye cream around my eyes to avoid fine lines appearing and also to nourish the eye area.

11. If u are one of those people who want to battle the facial wrinkles then I would recommend the use of a night cream or serum preferably containing the Co-enzyme Q10. This ingredient is a vitamin-like substance that is really high in antioxidants. It has shown to have health giving and anti aging effects both when taken in supplements and used in skin creams.

12. Last but not the least do moisturize ur lips with a good lip balm or Vaseline before going to the morning u will feel fresh with a plump feeling to the skin and soft lips ready for the new day!

I hope u guys found this note to be of help...I know this procedure sounds a bit long but believe me it takes only few minutes and feels great to have a little facial massage before going to bed....It really does help...i have been doing this myself for some time now and I am more than happy to invest few minutes for my facial skin.


  1. Mariya one question: I have severly oily, and sensitive skin, with acne breakouts n open pores *sighs* (thts alil too many problems i guess :P) Can i follow the same cleansing regime? i mean i never masage my face with a cleanser or moisturizer coz im scared i might get more acne next morning! lolzzz so Tell me, what can I do? Plus my skin is wrinkle-prone too

  2. Hey marzAK I dont see the reason why u cant do this routine. We are only using a cleanser which basically cleans ur pores n takes out the dirt which usually causes the acne. So all u have to do is get a good cleanser and Moisturizer which is suitable for ur skin type. During my teenage years when I was having acne problem cuz I have oily skin, I tried a lot of different products buy and I found Clean & Clear range to work for me. I used their cleanser, Toner for my oily patches and moisturizer.
    A suitable treatment for oily skin involves three major steps:

    1. properly cleansing the skin to remove the excess oil or sebum as well as dead skin cells and accumulated dirt
    2. disinfecting the skin and mopping up any remaining excess oil.Use a toner.
    3. moisturizing the skin
    Hope this helps.

    And as far as the wrinkles are happy that u have oily skin cuz oily skin ages at a slower rate than other skin types such as dry skin. And with time the oil production decreases so it wont be a problem for long.