Saturday, 29 January 2011

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold and the "Stiletto Collection" for Valentine's Day

Sleek makeup has a brilliant range of blushes from peachy to pink and browns. Last year it came out with three more beautiful shimmery colors Rose Gold, Pomegranate and Sun Rise. Rose Gold became very popular because its the closest dupe for the famous NARS blush in Orgasm. It is a stunning duo chrome blush, with brilliant gold shimmer and peachy pinky undertones.

How it looks on the cheeks?...well that really depends on the skin tones. There is a lot of difference, I dont know why but when one of my friend tried it out; it appeared more of a pinky color rather than the gold shimmer...but when I put it on it comes out more as a shimmery gold. So I often use it on the cheek bones as a high lighter.

The texture is very soft and smooth and it is quite pigmented to I would suggest a light application at first and then build up if required.
The thing I love about the Sleek makeup range is that the product formulation is very silky smooth, highly pigmented and sturdy sleek packaging.

Sleek recently increased their prices, so now the blushes are £4.29 each but still u get 8g of the product which is not bad at all.
Sleek has launched a new collection called the Stiletto Collection with bright Red Blush Called Scandalous, a vivid red Scandal Pout Polish and a sizzling red Geisha's Seal Nail Polish. The blush might be a limited edition as it has been launched just for the special day of Valentines.

I dont know about the rest but i will definitely get that blush!


  1. the idea of bright red blush is kinda scary, innit? ehhehehehe

  2. I think that a light dusting of it will give a radiantly flushed look...well i guess we'll have to try it and see...

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