Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sleek i-Divine Sparkle Palette Swatches, Reviews and best way to apply

Sleek is one of my favorite drug store makeup brands. It is affordable, easily available and has an awesome color payoff. And like so many other great palettes Sleek makeup launched an amazing limited edition palette called the Sleek i-Divine Sparkle Palette for Christmas 2010.

As the name describes this palette has 12 amazingly sparkly colors.The eyeshadows in this palette have also been named as in Sleek Good Girl and Bad Girl Palettes. The texture of the eyeshadows is really very soft and smooth. The pigmentation is quite dense so when u apply it on ur eyes; it appears to be true to color. Nine out of twelve eyeshadows in this palette are super glittery perfect for special occasions and parties and of course Christmas.

The top row of the palette has: (from left to right)

1. Cranberry: A brilliant red with gold silver sparkles.
2. Dream Maker: A shimmery gray with silver sparkles.
3. Galactic: A bright blue glittery eyeshadow
4. Twinkle: The most astonishing eyeshadow of the palette, its a deep blue intensely sparkly eyeshadow. It has the most glitter in it.
5. Starlight: A slightly less shimmery gray with silver sparkles.
6. Noir: A matte Black which is common in most of Sleek i-Divine palettes

The bottom row of the palette has: (left to right)

1. Illusion: A deep purple with lots of silver glitter.
2. Festive: A matte slightly brighter purple with silver sparkles.
3. Mistletoe: A matte dark forest green with silver sparkles.
4. Glitz & Glamour: A matte black with silver sparkles.
5. Gold Ribbon: A pale gold color with no sparkles.
6. Tinsel: A satin silver color with no sparkles.

All the colors in this palette are quite wearable except of the Cranberry red because I find it really hard to carry a red eyeshadow but still I don't mind having a sparkly red eyeshadow in my collection may be I'll use it do some Indian bridal or party makeup look. The Gold Ribbon and Tinsel are really pretty colors too and I disagree with a lot of reviewers who said that they could have done with out these two colors in the palette because they could be used to do so many different looks especially Arabic n Indian makeup cuz they include a lot of silvers and golds.

As these eyeshadows are very silky smooth they glide on to the eyes very easily. The only negative point is that they have a lot of fall out, so if u apply them with a dry brush u will end up having a mess all over ur face. The best way to apply them is with a damp synthetic flat shader brush and just pat them on to the eyelid...this will prevent a lot of fallout and will also give an intense color pay off with lots and lots of glitter.

Here is a look I tried using Twinkle, Dream Maker, Noir and Tinsel as a highlighter.


  1. GReat work Mariya! and im totally in awe of the look uv done! Amazingggggggggg!!! I think i can never carry such a dark eye, or even do it EVER so neatly! :D

  2. Thank you u *muaaahhhh!!!!!

  3. you have to HAVE to make tutorial of this one...mujhay nahin pata...bus...plzzzzz dooo....

  4. @Nihal i will try Inshallah...but first need to find work space away from mahvi and a better camera

  5. Amazing colours and I love the way you enhanced the look with a fine Brush stroke ... Really love that.