Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Accessorize Cosmetics At Superdrug Swatches,Reviews and Lots of Pictures In Detail

Superdrug has to be one of my favorite places just because you can find great things for reasonable prices and among  those things are the Accessorize Cosmetics Range. Accessorize is a famous high street brand for accessories like jewelry, scarves, hand bags etc. Their cosmetics are only available at Superdrug or online on the Accessorize website. The whole range is divided into different categories "With Love", "Illusion", "Rock Star", "Je T'aime" and "Exotic Brights". The packaging is so pretty with the accessorize butterflies and flowers.

The first thing that mesmerizes you is their nail polish collection. Each category has their own selection of colors....I was so amazed cuz there were some colors I have never seen before...but then again I am not a big nail polish person. But I have to say that this is heaven for nail polish lovers... have a look and decide for ur self....

With Love. All nail polishes £4

Je T'aime

Exotic Brights


Pink Spice and Mermaid Illusion collection.

Azlec (Illusion) Its  multi-toned with green, blue, purple, pink reflects

Face primer £9 , Highlighter£7, and Bronzer boxes£7 Lenghtening Mascara £5 With Love .

Highlighter is a pale gold and quite pigmented so u get a lot for the just  £7

There are two bronzer boxes one comes as a duo of bronzer and highlighter and the other is a bronzer blush combo in an animal pattern. The boxes resemble the benefit blush boxes.

Merged blushers £5.50 and Baked Bronzers £7 both domed shaded and very shimmery.

Bermuda baked bronzer

Merged Eyeshadows £4.50 and Eyeshadow Palettes with eye primer £6.00 Illusion Collection

Single Eyeshadows Illusion £4

Single Eyeshadows With Love £4

Merged Eyeshadows Rock Star £4.50

Jumbo Eye Cryon £3 and Neon Eye Dust £3 Exotic Colors

Eye Dust Rock Star Collection has very pastel colors £3

Lipstick £5 With Love collection. The colors are mostly dark reds, pinks and orange.

The packaging for the lipsticks is so divine with a diamante on the top.

The Illusion Diamond Lipgloss £4 has mostly light pinks and corals

The Rock Star squeezey tube lipglosses are more vibrant colors with purples, plums, pinks and orange £3

The Rock Star collection has the Mascara £5, Glitter Eye Liner £3, Liquid Eyeliners £3.50 and Nail Polishes £4.

The Glitter eyeliners are pretty good, the glitter is very finely milled but they are almost like the MUA glitter eyeliners which are for only £1.

Pick Up Line
The pigmetation of the eyeshadows is really awesome...just swatched twice on the pan and twice on my arm .

Rock Out

Vintage Rose Illusion

Truffle With Love

Sage Illusion

Chocolate Fondant Illusion

Last but not the least Rich Earth (With Love) is a duo chrome eyeshadow with green shimmer and warm brown undertones I though that it was a good dupe for MAC club.

...but then I went straight to the MAC counter and swatched Club and it flet so dry and even after so many swatches it looked like this...I dnt know may be it will apply better with a brush but it didnt impress me much. So I will go for the Rich Earth eyeshadow instead of this...cuz dats more smoother, creamier and prettier.

This is Satin Taupe by MAC and I think Truffle by Accessorize is a good dupe for it.

All the accessorize eyeshadows are really silky smooth and very pigmented...felt really soft n fine on the skin and I was really impressed. Why would I go buy expensive makeup when I can get good quality for a reasonable price. I have tried and tested and wore these eyeshadows for more than 7 hours they dnt crease and stay vibrant. The only negative point, I personally feel with this range is that there is no eyeshadow, blush or bronzer matte....everything is shimmery but still I cudnt recommend this makeup range more.


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  3. What shade range are you? Some of the pictures look light others look medium. I'm Olive/Medium (MAC NC40) and hoping these products are good for woman of more color. Thank you!

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