Saturday, 19 February 2011

How To Apply Kryolan TV Painr Stick


  1. Hey!
    So since I am also obsessed with beauty and makeup, I bumped into your blog and needless to say am LOVING it!!! I am awed by how much effort you have put into this and I absolutely admire it. I am not very savvy when it comes to eye make up, so I will definitely put your tutorials to good use.

    I do have couple questions for you though. Can I ask you what shade of Loreal foundation and Kryolan powder you have been using. We seem to have similar skin color and I have been struggling with foundation and powder for the longest time ever!
    Also your skin looks flawless. I cannot help myself from asking what skincare products do you use (like facewash, toner and moisturizer).I have recently relocated and have been breaking out and I would be thankful for any advice you can give me.

    Keep up the good work and you just got yourself a loyal fan!

    Take care,

  2. Hi Sarah cant tell u how honored I am to have u as a fan :D
    In the Loreal foundation I use W3 Golden Beige, For kryolan Tv paint stick its G16 and the Kryolan Translucent powder in TL/2. I know wat u mean about struggling with foundation n powder it is very difficult to find the one just right for u....the trick is to find out wat undertones u have....for a long time i didnt know mine but one of the makeup assistants helped me to find out that I had golden beige go to a makeup counter and ask for help :)
    Thanks for the lovely compliments abot my is not really body is perfect...but as u are my loyal fan I'll let u on on a secret...ever since the birth of my baby girl I have been taking multivitamins and Omega3 Cod liver oil capsules 1 of each every morning....especially vit A and D which are very necessary for healthy skin, strong bones and teeth.
    Other than that as my skin is very sensitive I used facewash, cleanser, moisturizer and makeup remover by Simple.
    I do hope i helped u out a little...any further question plz do ask :) tc xx

  3. Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate it.

    My mom keeps on telling me to take multi vitamins and I keep on forgetting everyday. But now I will have to remember! :)

    Oh, you have a baby girl! I am sure she is just as much beautiful if not more! But more importantly, I hope she is keeping in good health!

    Take care and eagerly awaiting your next post!


  4. Any time Sarah it is my pleasure to help u out...and yes! after becoming a mom now I know that Moms are always right! :D
    my little girl is already into makeup and fashion lol....not that i will let her do any of it now or untill she is 16 hehehe..
    u take care sarah bye! xx

  5. Hey girl! What concealer palette did you use?

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  7. iam having a doubt concealer s necessary . or else without concealer we can put makeup. can u clear my doubt.