Thursday, 3 February 2011

Swatches and reviews of E'tude Eyeshadow palette

E'tude eyeshadow palette is one of my most favorite palettes. The palette has 24 beautiful eyeshadows with silvers,golds, browns and nude and a black which is very important.

It is quite sturdy and the eyeshadows are not very delicate or easily breakable but of course you have to be careful not to drop them because they aren't invincible and wont be able to survive a bad fall.

1st row from left to right.

1. shimmery white.
2. silver
3. shimmery Grey
4. dark Grey with silver iridescent
5. blueish grey with silver iridescent
6. Matte black pay off is almost like MAC Carbon black eyeshadow.

2nd row left to right

1. sky blue + grey shimmery color
2. sky blue +silvery shimmery color
3. very vibrant Matte bright blue
4. a very beautiful brownish greenish color more like the color of dry henna but with an awesome shimmer to it...i love it!
5. it looks like matte green in the palette but its actually duo with a pretty golden sheen...absolutely beautiful.
6. Matte lilac.

3rd row left to right...i love this row cuz its got awesome colors for Asian bridal, party makeup

1. very pigmented gold
2. two toned orangish gold
3. two toned pinkish gold
4. maroon burgundy shimmery color
5. brownish maroon shimmery color
6. beautiful matte bright purple color

4th row left to right....very pretty browns and nudes best for day time neutral looks

1. Matte dark brown with lots of gold iridescent
2. shimmery creamy brownish color very similar to MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow
3. Matte orangish brown
4. Matte nude brown
5. Matte pinkish nude color
6. The last color is very pretty skin color with slight shimmer...can be used as a highlight under the brow for a neutral day time look.

All the eyeshadows are very very pigmented...there is a variety of textures from shimmer to matte and iridescent. They are very vibrant and give nice color pay off even with out an eyeshadow primer....easily blend able. This one palette has so many pretty colors which help you get looks from smokey eyes, neutral, funky to bridal or party looks. The only down side i find in this palette is that it doesnt have a matte dark brown color so that I could use it to fill my eyebrows....but still I looooove this palette and I couldn't recommend it more!!!!

I have swatched my fingers twice on the eyeshadow and twice on my arm and i have applied NO primer at all underneath. I tried to get the pics to be true to color but of course they don't appear as vibrant as they are in reality. This palette is available at any big drug store in Pakistan... I got mine from Shaheen Chemist Rwp more than 4 years ago at that time it cost me around Rs.2000....i don't remember the exact amount it could be a little more or less.

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