Sunday, 20 March 2011

L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Replenishing Shampoo-Perfect for girl with thin and fine hair!!

Hi girls!! any of you who have been suffering from flat, weak, limp and lifeless hair like me, dont have to worry anymore cuz this shampoo is amazing and so affordable.
My hair has always been my nightmare unfortunately I inherited my dads silky, fine and thin hair whereas my sister got a full and thick head of hip length hair from my mom. Well couldn't do anything about that but yes I have been in the search of the perfect hair product for my hair since conditioners made my hair really silky and limp I needed an ideal shampoo that would bring life to my hair, give a little volume and also NOT make them dry at the same time.

So when I saw the add for L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 shampoo I went straight out and got this shampoo. And I have to say that I have been using it ever since...its been over 6 months and I am loving it. It give me volume, it doesn't make my hair rough instead my hair feels really silky smooth and feels as if I have used a conditioner. The most amazing thing is that it really does make my hair feel stronger! I dont know how dat happens but it really does that for my hair....I had never come across any shampoo before that would make my hair feel healthy and strong and encourage me to grow my hair longer than the shoulder length I have always had.

To get the best results from this shampoo I blow dry my hair when they are still moist. I bend my head a little and bring my hair over my face and keeping a hair brush on the inner side and the blow dryer on the other and straighten my hair. In this way I can have straightened hair with out them looking too thin. They have a nice body and volume.

I would definitely give this shampoo a 5/5 and would recommend it to any one who wants good results on a budget.

The shampoo claims to make hair feels stronger, look revitalized, feel fuller, silkier and have a healthy shine. I personally feel that it works for me but it is possible that there may be people with different texture of hair for whom this might not work cuz every body is different. But still its worth a try after all it is promising results similar to the high end hair products in less than half of their price!

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  1. I jsut came across this post, and read about this product. This looks like a product for me. Thanks for sharing it with us and i will try to tell you about the results i will find with this shampoo. Thanks again.