Thursday, 10 March 2011

Makeup Items Worth Spending Good Money On And useful Tips

Hi girls!! so the economy is getting bad and seriously; we, who are on a budget cant really indulge into expensive pampering and retail therapies and obviously cant spend loads on branded makeup and stuff so today I am just gonna list some of the makeup item that I think are worth spending a wee bit more money on so u could achieve best results.

So first of all i'll start with the moisturizer...some people prefer to apply a face primers but i personally think that if u drink plenty of water, dont forget to take ur multivitamins and u have a healthy to normal skin, then all u need is a good moisturizer under ur foundation. But be careful to pick the one that suits ur skin type, like if u have dry skin then go for the moisturizer that is oil based and if u have oily skin then go for an oil free moisturizer. Don't forget to apply the moisturizer 5-8 mins before the foundation.

Its always good invest in a good foundation. It doesn't have to be a high end brand but be sure that it matches ur skin tone well and the kind of coverage u desire. I usually prefer medium to full coverage cuz then i have a blank canvas to paint my face on :) People with clear skin can also opt for a foundation with lighter coverage.

Eyeshadow Primer:
If  u want good results from ur eyeshadows u really really need to have a good primer base for the eyes and as its commonly known that the Urban Decay primer potion is the best ever eyeshadow primer, so its a must have in ur makeup bag but if its not available to u or u cant afford to buy one then no worries dearies there are plenty of options u can consider as the eyeshadow primers.

Firstly there are the jumbo/normal eyeliner pencils which act as really good base and do make the color pop. Secondly u can use cream eyeshadows as base. The prob with both these options is that u cant buy them in every color so go for the colors which are basic and wud work under most of  the eyeshadow colors for example Black ( perfect for smokey eyes, makes Purple pop, also great under blue and greens), White ( for any light look u are doing like silver,soft pinks, yellows, greens any light colors), Light blue/pale tuquoise (will pop up any tone of blue), Green ( for any shade of green) and last but not the least the Gold (very important for Pakistani/Indian/Arabic looks.

So all in all u only need to buy 5 different colors of eye pencils or cream eyeshadows. But u do have to remember one thing that when u apply these on ur lid do blend out the edges well  before applying the eyeshadow cuz the eyeshadow will stick to it and then it wont blend easily and u'll end up have dense pigmetation in places u didnt want it. Secondly dont take these cream eyeshadow or pencils in to the socket line or atleast blend really well cuz they are oil based products and if u have oily skin, especially eye lids, they will make the eyeshadow crease and wear off in the socket line and that doesnt look good. So u see u can work with the products available to u if u know how to.

I cant stress hard enough how important mascara is in makeup. No makeup look can ever be complete without mascara. Especially when u have applied eyeshadows its a must to apply mascara cuz the fall out of eyeshadow on the lashes makes them look powdery. So do spend good money to get a great mascara. My all time favourite is L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara and its not even considered to be in the expensive list of mascaras but it has the most amazing payoff.

Ah yes! a good quality lipstick is a must have so always invest in a good lipstick in the shade which is "In" in the season.

So this was the list of products that i believe deserve a good investment. Hope u guys find this interesting and helpful!


  1. thanks Maria like the review and it's very much helpful
    thanks again :)

  2. Thank u for liking it :) I am glad that i cud help.

  3. Loved it!!! Great at always!

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