Friday, 29 April 2011

Have a problem of cosmetics drying out??? See wat you can do to revive ur makeup.

When u have a lot of makeup or when u dont use makeup too much, often it happens that when u take out some product from ur collection which had been ignored for a while, its dried out! And I know for people like me who love every bit of their collection its really hard to say good bye to any makeup products. So today I thought i'll give away  some tips on how to save some of your makeup items from dieing out on you.

Lipstick & Lipliners:

So the lipsticks are the first products to dry up and when u try to apply them they drag on the lips and give a very patchy application. I tried many things but found out that the most effective is that before applying a dry lipstick or lipliner apply some vaseline or lip balm to ur lips it will give a smoother application and just blend in with ur finger.

Gel Eyeliners & Eye Pencils:
I have not been able to find a good way to revive a liquid eyeliner cuz it wudnt be safe to apply on ur lids because of the risk of eye infections or irritation, so I suggest that you just buy a new one...or just try using the Gel Eyliners. The gel eyeliners also dry up but they are really easily revived. Just put your little pot of gel eyeliner near/under a lamp/light and the product will soften and makes the application smoother. Same goes for the Eyeliner Pencils they will glide on ur eyes. But this procedure isn't permanent so u'll have to do it each time you are applying makeup....but that shudn't be a prob cuz every one has a light/lamp near their vanity table!

I tried a couple of tricks for the mascaras as well but nothing seems safe cuz mascaras get contaminated with bacteria quite quickly. Adding water or oil is a bad idea cuz water wont mix and cause contamination and oil wont let the mascara to stick to the lashes. So dont use the mascara if its over 2-3 months old, go out and get a new one.
But if ur mascara was new and u didn't close the lid tightly causing it to dry out too soon then just close the lid very tightly and place the mascara in hot water for a long time, that will soften the product. But be careful if its irritating ur eyes then just throw it out and dont risk eye infections.

Another useful tip for Mascaras is that; dont open too many mascara tubes at a time. You can always keep ur back ups but just open a single mascara at a time and always remember to close the lid properly after each use to keep it soft and applicable for longer.


  1. I reallly like the tip about putting your madcara in hot water! I always forget to tightly close my lid after i use it!

    Gowry S