Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Colour Comfort Lip Color Lipsticks Inspired by Carmindy Swatches and Review

I really wanted to review these lipsticks as they are one of my favourite brands of lipstick that I like to wear during fall and winter because I tend to get really dry lips in winter and I want some thing really moisturizing and pigmented at the same time, for my lips. These lipsticks directly hit the spot as they are very smooth and soft almost like a lip conditioner but not too super soft and creamy like some lipsticks; which I do not like at all as they are very difficult to manage. Plus they are very pigmented and come in sheer and full cover finishes. They have good lasting power but of course not super lasting power, but they stay on for quite long if you apply a lip liner before and rub in a coat of lipstick with your little finger and finish off with a last coat of lipstick.
I really like the packaging of these lipsticks, they are not made of plastic as usual lipstick instead they have steel covers and have some product in the clear bottom so its easy to know the true colour of the lipstick, which reminds me of the MUA lipsticks or the W7 lipsticks.

The shades that I picked up were the ones that I usually like to wear in the fall like deep reds, plums and berries. On the top row from Left to right the shades are:
Garnet, Sangria, Soft Red, Plum Rose and Sparkling berry.
On the bottom row from left to right:
Sunbeam, Sunburst, Champagne Rose, Pink Blossom, Lilac, Soft Orchid.

Soft Orchid is one of my favourite its a rich and creamy vintage pink colour looks amazing on the lips.

Sparkling Berry is a deeper pink with very very fine coral pink sparkles in it.

Lilac is a very creamy deep lilac shade.

Pink Blossom is a brighter pink coral colour.

Champagne Rose is also one of my favourites, its a nudey gold with a hint of pink.

Sunbeam is a nudey gold with a hint of peach.

Sunburst is a gold coral lipstick with a shimmer finish.

Plum Rose is a deep plummy colour with a sheer finish

Sangria is a beautiful intensely pigmented deep red. Amazing shade for the fall.

Garnet is a deep red with pink undertones. It is more smooth and pigmented than it appears in the pic above.

  Soft Red is a true red colour with a slightly more than a sheer finish for a softer and more wearable finish.

All in all these lipsticks are great value for money and come in so many beautiful shades. I will definitely repurchase these lipsticks and there are few more colours I want to get my hands on.
These lipstick have all natural products and are Paraben free. If you prefer Paraben-free products then this is the way to go. And they have such a wide collection of shades that you'll definitely find shades that you fancy.


  1. You gotta stop reviewing all theese great lipsticks or I will go bankrupt :p

  2. Soft Orchid is such a lovely shade

  3. Where did u get these shades from?

  4. I found these on TJ HUGES in the UK but I have heard that in the US these are quite commonly available.

  5. Hi, how much where these lipsticks?

  6. hello ive been looking for the sally hansen in soft red but i cant seem to find stocks of this. do you have an idea of a similar shade under the brands of MAc or nyx? thanks! i hope you reply.. :)

  7. Her items are really good love them all

  8. Her items are really good love them all

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