Friday, 30 December 2011

Few Facts About Blushes (How To Apply & Why They Crumble)

Ok every one knows how to apply blushes and where to apply them but here are a few facts you might have missed out about blushers. The main aim is always to get the perfectly flawless finish.

  1. If you are not applying any pressed powder over your foundation then it is advised that you dont apply a powder blusher on top of the foundation. As the foundation has a creamy consistancy the powder blusher will stick to it and it will not blend well. And if you are not very good at blending then you might end up having patches on your cheeks.
  2. Always apply creams over creams. That means if you are not applying any pressed powder over your foundation then apply cream blusher which will easily blend out and give a very natural flushed and healthy look.
  3. If you dont own any cream blushes you dont need to worry as lipsticks can work really well as cream blushes. For best results try not to use very glossy lipsticks as they would be more emolient and have less colour concentration. Try out a few different finishes of lipsticks as cream blushes and you would soon realize which one works the best for you. Play around with makeup and you would see how you can use different product for different purposes.
  4. If you want your blusher to pop them apply a little bit of cream blusher underneath and this will act as a primer for the blush and it will give a vibrant colour pay off.
  5. Always use a soft blush brush such as synthetic taklon bristled brush as it will pick up less product at a time and you wont end us having too much product on your cheeks like pink circles. And also the soft brush blends out the blusher very well.
  6. If you feel that your blushes are dusty and crumble alot when applying, then check your blush brush, its bristles might be too coarse and scrape on the surface of your blush and make it dusty. A soft brush will be gentle on you blusher and it wont make it crumble.


  1. Good tips. This will help me to apply makeup correctly and keep it fresh for longer.

  2. This post is really worth reading and sharing. These simple things are really important. Thanks for sharing your research work to us.