Smokey Eyes: Smokey eyes don't necessarily mean blacks, greys and browns.

Smokey eyes don't necessarily mean blacks, greys and browns...

Somkey eyes mean that the colour is concentrated at one place and then it gradually fades into nothing. Smokey eyes can be created with any colour, even lighter shades of colours. There are several ways to do smokey eyes. The most common type is when the colour is concentrated near the lash-line and is blended and fades towards the brows. 

The second type is when the lid colour is a lighter shade and the darker colour is concentrated at the outer corner of the eyes and blended inwards.

The third is when the lid is light and the crease is darker and blended above towards the brows.

Smokey eye looks can be created with any colour, it doesn't  even need to be a darker shade of colour. Here are some examples of colourful smokey eyes...

Lighter and softer shades of colours can also be used to create subtle smokey eyes.

The the term Smokey Eyes can be used for a variety of different looks. Only the blending of the eyeshadows gives the look the name of Smokey Eyes.

Disclaimer : All the pictures in this post have been taken from the internet for the purpose of showing the examples of different looks.


  1. Great post! Now I can really say that I know what a smokey eye means! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the info. I never knew smokey eyes came in all these colors!
    You are very pretty, followed your blog :D
    Would love it if you dropped by my blog too:

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  4. The smokey eye look is still very popular and it looks fantastic when done correctly. If not done well, it can look like you have 2 black eyes, and no one wants that effect! The smokey eye is sexy and dramatic and alluring. There are many, many tutorials out there that provide step by step instructions on achieving the perfect smokey eye look. In an effort to save you time and any eye makeup disasters ..

  5. OMG! This look is so beautiful! I enjoyed this look and definitely will try for my post wedding phototshoot. Though I am not good at all in makeup. So, I booked Lina Cameron for my makeup. She trains also makeup courses, my sister did her makeup lessons for beginners from her. I will show her this pictures to recreate it! I love the way you did your liner and blended it out ! <3


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