Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Affordable Makeup Brushes I have been Loving Lately (M&S Autograph Brushes, Lola, Louise young, W7, Royal Brushes all under £11)

 I just realized that most of the brushes that I have been reaching for lately in my kit are somewhat affordable ( compared to some high end brands). So I though I'll do a little blog post on them.

First brush that I am loving is from Marks and Spencer's brand Autograph. To be honest before these brushes came out I didn't have great expectations from them as M&S Autograph (at that time) was not a big name in the makeup industry. But I have to say that Autograph has definitely surprised me and I think ever since I got my hands on Autograph brushes I have been using them almost on daily basis and they are a prominent feature in my makeup kit.

The Autograph brushes have synthetic bristles (cruelty free yayee!!) and are incredibly soft. In the picture below is the big powder brush from Autograph. I have compared it to the C309  Jumbo Chisel Powder Brush from EnKore (Crown Brush), although the C309 is slightly flater; I thought it'll give you an idea of size of the Auto brush. The Auto brush is round and dense, perfect for setting power or bronzer. The Autograph Powder Brush is £11.

In foundation brushes the ones thats I reach for the most are the W7 Flat foundation brush and the Autograh Foundation brush. I think the W7 one is my  most favorite, excellent quality, I have been using it for more than 4 years and I have never had any fall out plus it has the best size and desity for quick application without wasting any product. You can get the W7 brush in less than £5.00 and the Auto foundation brush is £8.50

For contouring I am loving the Autograph and the Limited Collection (M&S) angled blusher brushes both are equally good and very reasonable priced. In the picture below I have compared the Autograph Angled Blush brush with MAC 168 and EnKore C405 (Crown brush). The Auto Angled Brush is £7.50.


The Autograph Blusher brush is the conventional blush brush that you will always need to have in your kit. I love the size of it, its not too big or too small. Here I compare it with the MAC 109 brush. It is synthetic but still picks up the colour really well and is super soft like rest of the M&S brushes. It's around eight pounds.

Another great product is the flat eyeshadow brush by Autograph, its dense and sturdy and perfect to pack on the eyeshadow. A tiny bit bigger and fatter than the MAC 239 brush but that just means quicker application. It is sold as a part of the brush set at £19.50

M&S recently started stocking up LOLA cosmetics which have a great collection of brushes, out of which my favorite is the Flat eye shadow brush. The brush is really similar to the MAC 217 but just a tiny bit smaller. It would be perfect for packing on and blending darker eyeshadow at the outer corner of the eye or for someone who has smaller eyelids. It is sold at £10. In the pic below its compared to Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush and MAC 217.

Another one of my top favorites is the No.7 Smokey Eyeliner brush which is sold at £7.25 but I recently found the Royal Cosmetic Connections Smokey Eyeshadow Brush which I got from my local shop for only £1.99 which is a bargain and means that I can have a few of them, to keep in my kit. In the pic you can see the MAC 219 brush to compare sizes.

A good eyeliner brush is really important to me and after trying and testing many brushes my search has narrowed down to the Louise Young Fine Eyeliner brush LY24 £11.00 and Lola Pointed Eyeliner brush £10.00.
For people who dont like the thin pointed conventional eyeliner brushes I would recommend the Autograph Eyeliner brush which makes the application much easier and can also be used as a lip brush. It is sold at £5.00

That's all folks. I hope you liked the post. If anyone of you have used these brushes, I would love to hear your comments on them. Ta!


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