Monday, 16 December 2013

Which Is The Best Mascara

"Which is the best mascara?" is a question in every girls mind, but the answer to this question might be different for different people as they might be looking for different results.
So what do we want from a mascara? we want it to be lengthening, curling and volumizing. 

 Unfortunately not all the mascaras will give you all three effects in one. Usually a mascara will either be lengthening, lengthening and curling, lengthening and volumizing or curling and volumizing.

So to decide which one is the best for us we need to assess our eyelashes whether they are short, long, straight or naturally curled.

If someone who has naturally long and think eyelashes they would need a mascara that would give them a little curl and deeper color. If they go for a lengthening mascara it will only cause the mascara to transfer to their cheeks when they blink as the long lashes will be touching their cheeks when they close their eyes.

Anyone with really short and curled lashes should go for a lengthening mascara to make their eyelashes look longer.

And for someone who has thin straight lashes need to enhance them with a curling and volumizing mascara which will make them look fuller, longer and curled.

The finished effect that you will get from a mascara totally depends on the wand. So either you ask a beauty adviser for help when buying a mascara ( as they should know which shape of brush will give what kind of effect ) or just test and try and with time you would start noticing the difference in results from different wands. Most of the mascaras will mention what they will do for you but sometime I feel that they can be misleading as not always I have found that the mascara does what it says.

 Usually narrow brushes like shown in the picture below lengthen the eyelashes.

Lengthening Mascaras

For lengthening and curling the plastic brush wands are best as they lengthen and separate each lash and give curl.

Lengthening and Curling

Length and Volume you can get from wands that are narrow and have tiny bristles like shown in the pic below.

Lengthening and Volumizing Mascaras
And last but not the least, my favorite kind, the curling and volumizing mascaras. Usually they come with big fat wands for that amazing curl and give you that sexy looking volume.

Curling and Volumizing Mascaras

So hopefully now you girls can find that one perfect mascara that suits you best.


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