Saturday, 25 September 2010

Makeup and Me

Hi! my name is Mariya and yes like so many other girls I am too Obsessed about makeup. But for me makeup is not just looking beautiful but also expressing myself, its a medium of catharsis or showing off my emotions. It makes me feel good about my self and I want everyone to feel that way about themselves.
I got hold of my mom's makeup palettes and stuff when I was only 7 years old and I used to copy looks I saw in magazines or on TV and from there I got completely and irrecoverably in love with make-up.
Ok now enough about me and some thing about WHY I am here and starting a Blog. Well I believe that beauty shouldn't cost so much, like honestly how many people can afford professional quality makeup???? so here I will try to give some tips and tricks on how to get stunning looks using not so expensive makeup and give reviews on cheap products and tell u how to work them. Hopefully I would be able to help out those people who are just starting out, want to experiment with makeup or who are on a budget and don't want to be spending so much on themselves and still be able to look good.
so hopefully you guys would find my blog interesting and useful!!