Monday, 31 January 2011

Frontcover Mermaid Dreams Palette Swatches and Reviews

Frontcover cosmetics are available at Boots and also on their online website. Mermaid Dreams palette is one of their Classics. When it came out i was reluctant to buy it even though the colors of the eyeshadows in this palette were really startling. The reason was that I already owned the Frontcover Rainbow Eyes palette which is a big palette and it costs £30 where as the Mermaid Dreams palette is quite smaller than the Rainbow Eyes palette and also from wat I was expecting. The other reason was that I didn't see any good swatches of the product on the internet so it didn't seem to be worth spending £25.

But a couple of weeks ago I was shopping at Boots and I saw the mermaid dreams palette again and it was on offer!. It was only for £13...and totally tempting so I just had to have it.

Its a beautiful palette with blues, greens, aqua and lemon grass colors and also some pretty bronze, gray and neutral colors. The packaging is really nice and colorful and also comes with tips of creating three different looks. This palette also has a magnetic lid which was a plus point for me cuz the old Rainbow eyes didnt have this feature.

All the eyeshadows are baked because the company say "Baked powder eyeshadows offer sublime quality and formulations. Known for their exceptional iridescence and pay off the colour gives you a total wow factor!"

Well I guess they are right...the eyeshadows are really pigmented but the thing I realized was that some of them are quite shimmery and a lot of them are very light shades of greens and blues so dats why in pictures they dont appear to be as pigmented as they are in real life.

Not all the eyeshadows are shimmery some of them are matte. I swatched the eyeshadows three times in the pan and three times on my arm without any primer underneath.

I feel the best way to apply them is with a good eyeshadow primer underneath. I used the Urban Decay primer for creating this look

I used "Sunbleach" in the inner corner, then "Lime", "Baked Bronze" and "Seagrass" on the lid. "Seabed" and "Comino" in the crease and "Moonstruck" as the highlighter.

On the lower lid I used "Plunge pool" and "Drifter". Used the Shadowline liquid to transform "Nighttime" into an eyeliner which I also used to fill in my eyebrows.

Frontcover has definitely improved the quality of the brushes with their palettes...this palette came with a single brush with a flat shader brush at one end and a pencil brush at the other. The quality is quite good and they carry the pigment very well.

Overall I'll give this palette 4/5. If u see it on offer for £13 grab it! but I am still not so sure if I'll buy it for £25.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Sleek Original Palette Reviews and Swatches

I personally think that the best palette Sleek makeup has ever come out with is the Original i-Divine palette. It has the most stunning collection of eyeshadows. All the colors I always wanted to be in a single palette, the moment I had seen this palette i had fallen in love with it. From greens, browns, blues, purple, to pinky pale golds and a matte black. It is the best palette to take along with u when traveling.

The textures and pigmentation is astounding like all the other products by sleek. And u get value for money, 12 creamy n silky eyeshadows for only £6.49.

I have swatched once in the pan and only once on my arm and just look how vibrant the colors are. They are best applied with a damp flat shader brush. Any good quality shimmery eyeshadow can be used damp...this gives it a more silky texture and when applied on the eyelid it will give a solid color payoff with no or little fallout. But don't forget to blend it well to avoid harsh lines.

This amazing palette gives so many different possibilities to create looks....from simple day wear to dramatic evening looks....I like it because I can create Asian bridal and bright dramatic Arabic looks with it. here is an example..

These were the eyeshadows I used to creat this look

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold and the "Stiletto Collection" for Valentine's Day

Sleek makeup has a brilliant range of blushes from peachy to pink and browns. Last year it came out with three more beautiful shimmery colors Rose Gold, Pomegranate and Sun Rise. Rose Gold became very popular because its the closest dupe for the famous NARS blush in Orgasm. It is a stunning duo chrome blush, with brilliant gold shimmer and peachy pinky undertones.

How it looks on the cheeks?...well that really depends on the skin tones. There is a lot of difference, I dont know why but when one of my friend tried it out; it appeared more of a pinky color rather than the gold shimmer...but when I put it on it comes out more as a shimmery gold. So I often use it on the cheek bones as a high lighter.

The texture is very soft and smooth and it is quite pigmented to I would suggest a light application at first and then build up if required.
The thing I love about the Sleek makeup range is that the product formulation is very silky smooth, highly pigmented and sturdy sleek packaging.

Sleek recently increased their prices, so now the blushes are £4.29 each but still u get 8g of the product which is not bad at all.
Sleek has launched a new collection called the Stiletto Collection with bright Red Blush Called Scandalous, a vivid red Scandal Pout Polish and a sizzling red Geisha's Seal Nail Polish. The blush might be a limited edition as it has been launched just for the special day of Valentines.

I dont know about the rest but i will definitely get that blush!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Removing Makeup made easy!!!

Hello my dear friends, I know putting on makeup is great fun but at the end of the day when u have to take it off u just keep delaying or even sleep with it on......reason being the makeup removing process.....I literally hated the time when u have to wrestle with the the water proof mascara and makeup.

Today I am gonna tell u an effortless way of getting rid of the makeup without hassle and also replenishing ur skin...a perfect before going to bed here we go...

1. First of all I do not recommend using makeup wipes cuz i just think that u have to rub n scrub with them to take of all that mascara until the eyes start hurting...and they are bad for the delicate skin around the eyes. Be very careful about not to pull or rub around the eyes especially if are above 25 years of age cuz the regeneration process of the skin starts to slow done and any kind of strain on the skin can cause early wrinkles.........and we don't want that do we?

2. Remove ur lipstick with a tiny bit of moisturizer on a cotton ball; don't rub just dab.

3. For eye makeup....You will need plain cotton/cotton pleats/ cotton balls/ cotton eye-pads...what ever form of cotton is available to u...we just want two flattened cotton patches for each eye.

4. Dab a good eye makeup remover on the cotton patches so that they are quite simply place them on the eyes and press very lightly especially near ur DON'T rub just leave the patches pressed to the eyes for about 2 mins, let the makeup remover dissolve the makeup...thats what its meant helps the water proof makeup to dissolve.

5. Now carefully slightly rock the cotton eye patches over the eyes and take them off...u will see that almost 80% of the makeup will come off with the cotton. If there is still some left gently wipe it with the back of the damp cotton.

6. For under the lower lash line get a Q-tip/cotton earbud....and use the eye makeup remover to gently remove the remaining mascara.

7. Now take some cleansing lotion and massage it on ur face and neck, this will remove the foundation n face makeup....always remember to massage in upwards and outwards strokes, which keeps the skin up n tight. Remove with a wet sponge/cotton but i prefer to wash it off with lukewarm water.

8. Massage the cleanser once again, this time to replenish the skin and to get the circulation going to keep the skin fresh and healthy...again wash with lukewarm water.

9. Apply a toner if u have oily patches on ur skin then apply a good moisturizer.

10. I do a lot of practice of makeup on myself so i definitely put on some eye cream around my eyes to avoid fine lines appearing and also to nourish the eye area.

11. If u are one of those people who want to battle the facial wrinkles then I would recommend the use of a night cream or serum preferably containing the Co-enzyme Q10. This ingredient is a vitamin-like substance that is really high in antioxidants. It has shown to have health giving and anti aging effects both when taken in supplements and used in skin creams.

12. Last but not the least do moisturize ur lips with a good lip balm or Vaseline before going to the morning u will feel fresh with a plump feeling to the skin and soft lips ready for the new day!

I hope u guys found this note to be of help...I know this procedure sounds a bit long but believe me it takes only few minutes and feels great to have a little facial massage before going to bed....It really does help...i have been doing this myself for some time now and I am more than happy to invest few minutes for my facial skin.

Sleek i-Divine Sparkle Palette Swatches, Reviews and best way to apply

Sleek is one of my favorite drug store makeup brands. It is affordable, easily available and has an awesome color payoff. And like so many other great palettes Sleek makeup launched an amazing limited edition palette called the Sleek i-Divine Sparkle Palette for Christmas 2010.

As the name describes this palette has 12 amazingly sparkly colors.The eyeshadows in this palette have also been named as in Sleek Good Girl and Bad Girl Palettes. The texture of the eyeshadows is really very soft and smooth. The pigmentation is quite dense so when u apply it on ur eyes; it appears to be true to color. Nine out of twelve eyeshadows in this palette are super glittery perfect for special occasions and parties and of course Christmas.

The top row of the palette has: (from left to right)

1. Cranberry: A brilliant red with gold silver sparkles.
2. Dream Maker: A shimmery gray with silver sparkles.
3. Galactic: A bright blue glittery eyeshadow
4. Twinkle: The most astonishing eyeshadow of the palette, its a deep blue intensely sparkly eyeshadow. It has the most glitter in it.
5. Starlight: A slightly less shimmery gray with silver sparkles.
6. Noir: A matte Black which is common in most of Sleek i-Divine palettes

The bottom row of the palette has: (left to right)

1. Illusion: A deep purple with lots of silver glitter.
2. Festive: A matte slightly brighter purple with silver sparkles.
3. Mistletoe: A matte dark forest green with silver sparkles.
4. Glitz & Glamour: A matte black with silver sparkles.
5. Gold Ribbon: A pale gold color with no sparkles.
6. Tinsel: A satin silver color with no sparkles.

All the colors in this palette are quite wearable except of the Cranberry red because I find it really hard to carry a red eyeshadow but still I don't mind having a sparkly red eyeshadow in my collection may be I'll use it do some Indian bridal or party makeup look. The Gold Ribbon and Tinsel are really pretty colors too and I disagree with a lot of reviewers who said that they could have done with out these two colors in the palette because they could be used to do so many different looks especially Arabic n Indian makeup cuz they include a lot of silvers and golds.

As these eyeshadows are very silky smooth they glide on to the eyes very easily. The only negative point is that they have a lot of fall out, so if u apply them with a dry brush u will end up having a mess all over ur face. The best way to apply them is with a damp synthetic flat shader brush and just pat them on to the eyelid...this will prevent a lot of fallout and will also give an intense color pay off with lots and lots of glitter.

Here is a look I tried using Twinkle, Dream Maker, Noir and Tinsel as a highlighter.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

How to Make Your Own Eyeshadow Primer/Base

I thought I would share this with you girls today...I know every one wants to know how to get best results from your eyeshadow...but a good primer is either hard to get in some parts of the world or too expensive for most of us who are on a is some thing to help you out...

Things you will need:

1. Body Butter
2. Liquid foundation (the one you don't use anymore or the color doesn't match, u can use for this purpose )
3. Tea spoon
4. A small empty container with lid
5. Q tip with one end cut off.

Make sure that you use Body Butter NOT Vaseline or lotion and the Body Butter should be white or skin colored as shown in the pic. The reason why we are using Body Butter is that it thickens the consistency, smooths the lines in the skin so that the eyeshadow adheres nicely and its not Oily; drys out quickly giving good results.The liquid foundation I had lying around was too dark for my skin so i used it with the coco body butter.

Take half a tea spoon of body butter in the container and add equal amount of liquid foundation in it i.e half a tea spoon.

Mix well with the help of Q tip until they both are amalgamated.


Keep it covered to prevent it from drying out. You only need a tiny tiny amount to apply as a base, let it dry a little and then apply your eyeshadow. In the pic above you can see the results of Urban Decay Primer Potion Top left, My primer on top right and eyeshadow without primer on the bottom.
I am sure all you guys would have these ingredients lying around your house....Its very easy and simple and takes no time to make. You guys try it and let me know how it worked out !!! :D

Makeup-Tips & Tricks by Mariya Rai

Here are some tips and tricks that i think everyone should know to get better results from their makeup to attain flawless ill start from the foundation to the end...


1. Always apply a suitable moisturizer on ur face 5-8 min before u start applying makeup and by suitable i mean which is compatable with ur skin type i.e dry, oily or normal. The moisturizer will help to prevent the dry or oily patches which appear when u apply makeup.

2. It is always better to apply a face primer especially if u have an uneven skin and/or when u are using a pancake/cream foundation.

3. For liquid foundation i would recommend a stippling brush and for cream/pancake foundation a foundation brush.

Face Powder:

1. If your foundation is a shade darker or lighter than ur desired color than apply a lighter or darker shade of face powder that will bring out the shade u want. And if ur foundation is a perfect shade for ur skin i recommend a translucent FP.

2. I prefer to apply face powder with a big powder brush instead of pressing it on my face with the sponge applicator because that gives a very powdery finish...which we do not want.


1. Always contour in the hollow of ur cheeks...and take it lightly up to the temples till ur brows.

2. For somebody who has a chubby face like me hehehe and who has a double or connected chin...always contour ur jaw bone.

3. dont forget to highlight the highest point of ur cheek bones below ur eyes.

4. Apply a very light dusting of blush on the apples of the cheeks to imitate a natural blush.

5. If u have nose issues then i wud recommend that u lightly contour both sides of ur nose to make it look a little thinner.

Eye Brows:

1. I prefer an eyeshadow to fill in my brows. If ur hair is dark apply a shade lighter than ur hair in ur brows and if u have light hair apply a shade darker.

2. If u have thin brows out line the shape of ur brows with a brow pencil and then fill it with the pencil or shadow but dnt forget to blend with the brush so that the brows dont look too harsh.


1. For ur eyeshadows to be vibrant always use an eyeshadow primer.

2. For that gorgeous thick mascara always apply two to three coats of a good quality mascara. Always apply the mascara from the roots and rock the applicator in the roots and take it to the tips of lashes...this will give them a natural curl and dont forget that eyelashes grow in different directions so dont brush them in just one direction...always brush inwards towards the nose, up and outwards.

3. for lower lashes apply mascara on the tips of lashes to give a wider look to the eye.


1. Apply a lip moisturizer a few mins before applying lipstick to soften the lips and avoid chapping.

2. Use a sharpen lip pencil for precision.

3. Apply lipstick with a brush cuz it gives accuracy and helps the lipstick to go into the tiny creases of the lips giving a smooth finish.

4. To get a pouty plump lip look apply a lighter shade of lip gloss on the center of the upper and lower lip....if u have a habit of licking ur lips or have a runny lip gloss prob the its better to apply a light shade (similar to the lipstick) of an eyeshadow instead.

so here are a few things that i remembered right now....if i missed anything i wud be sure to tell u guys.......hope some of u will benefit from these pointers :D