Monday, 28 May 2012

How I Store My Makeup Brushes. Revolving Makeup Brush Holder (Tool Turn About) Reviews


When you have so many brushes it does become difficult to store them. The first idea that comes into mind is a cup or a pencil holder to store the brushes. But as my brush collection increased I found it hard to store them as most of the space on my vanity table was taken up by different cups and holder for my brushes.

But finally I have found the most perfect and feasible way to store my brushes. Its the Revolving Makeup Brush Holder (tool turn about). What could have been better than this? It has different sized section/wells which is great for storing different sized brushes.

The section in the middle is best for the brushes with very long handles.  Its diameter is also the exact size for the MAC brush cleaner bottle. So if you want to keep your brush cleaner close and handy you can place it in the middle.

The sections on the outer most part are a bit shallow then the rest so it make it easy for me to store my smaller sized brushes.

I loved this tool turn about for my makeup brushes so much that I got another one of these just for my larger face brushes. There is enough space that the bristles of the brushes are not squeezed together and the brushes retain their shape.

You can get these from Vogue n Diva Shop They have really fast shipping and are a UK based shop.

Over all I love this product as all my brushes are now sorted according to their type and size and they are easily accessible. There is a lot less mess on my vanity. I can just place these in one corner and as they revolve around I can access all of my brushes. Now I know which compartment has which type of brushes so I don't need to fuss around looking for the brush I need. 

If I am not wrong this product was initially meant for kitchen tools, but I think it works remarkably well as a makeup brush holder. It is a very useful device and can be used to store makeup pencils, lipgloss, stationary, paint brushes and kitchen tools etc. The diameter of this holder is 23cm and the extended base spins freely and can hold up to 4.5 kg of tools. I think I might even get one for my kitchen to tidy it up a little. Overall I will give this product 10/10. Worth every penny.