Sunday, 18 September 2011

Affordable Dupes For MAC Brushes: (Dupes For 24 of MAC Brushes) Sigma Makeup Brushes and Crown Brush

As we all know that MAC brushes are considered to be the best brushes ever. But not all of us can afford the sky high prices. Ok! we get it that they are really really good but still they are just brushes and a simple thing like that shouldn't cost the earth. So for a long time I have been looking for the best dupes for the MAC brushes at affordable prices. Some times I do get annoyed when I have to buy individual brushes from different places especially online, because I just want to get all of them at once and in a single shipment. But when you go brush set hunting not all the brushes in the set are worth buying or there are brushes in the set that you dont really need. So here I am going to share with you guys the brushes I think to be the best affordable dupe for MAC brushes for half the price or less.

A lot of people have been raving about the Sigma brushes  and their similarity to MAC brushes. No doubt they are really great brushes and some of them are excellent dupes for the MAC ones for half the price.

MAC Brushes          Sigma Brushes
1. 219               Pencil - E30
2. 217               Tapered Blending - E35
3. 239               Blending - E25
4. 224               Tapered Blending - E40
5. 208                Small Angle - E65
6. 209                Eye Liner - E05
7. 212                Flat Definer - E15
8. 210                Small Eye Liner - E10
9. 214                Short Shader - E20
10. 227              Large Fluff - E50
11. 275              Medium Angled Shading - E70
12. 249              Large Shader - E60
13. 194              Concealer - F70
14. 195              Concealer - F75
15. 186              Large Angled Contour - F40
16. 190              Foundation - F60
17. 188              Small Duo Fibre - F55
18. 109              Small Contour - F05
19. 150              Large Powder - F30
20. 187              Duo Fibre - F50
21. 138              Tapered Face - F25
22. 116               Powder/Blush - F10
23. 134               Large Powder -F20
24. 316              Lip - L05

You can check out these brushes at and compare the prices and brushes with MAC at These brushes are sold individually as well as in a brush kits, the professional kit contains 15 brushes.

The other cheaper alternative to the MAC brushes are the brushes by, they have a wide variety and have more than 15 ranges of makeup brushes. I also stumbled across some MAC dupes while surfing through the CrownBrush website.

MAC Brushes          CrownBrushes
1. 219               Precision Pencil - C431
2. 217               Pro Blending Fluff - C433
3. 239               Chubby Shadow - C417
4. 224               Deluxe Crease- C200
5. 208                Angle Definer/Liner - C409
6. 209                Mini Liner - C250-0
7. 212                Flat Definer/Camouflge - C211
8. 214              Chisel Shader - C408
9. 227              Jumbo Shadow- C407
10. 275              Angled Shadow - C420
11. 249              Red Sable Oval - C203
12. 194              Tapered Concealer - C425
13. 195              Oval Camouflage- C224
14. 186              Angle Contour Blush- C405
15. 190              Deluxe Large Foundation - SS001, Deluxe Jumbo-SS007, Deluxe Medium-SS003
16. 188              Small Duo Fibre Face Brush - C404
17. 116              Small Chisel Blush - C403
18. 187              Large Duo Fibre Face Brush - C406
19. 138              Pro Precision Pointed Powder - C320
20. 134              Jumbo Chisel Powder -C309
21. 316              Deluxe Sable Lip Brush With Cover - C206

These brushes are affordable. You can check out these brushes at The prices on the website are excluding VAT but still the brushes are so cheap; some of them are even less than half the price of MAC.
The Sigma brushes are really good quality, a lot better than the Crown Brush quality and a definitely great value for money.
Here I have listed dupes for almost all the most used MAC brushes and the best thing is that you dont need to find and buy individual brushes, you can get all the dupes from any one of the websites and can order them together or get the brush kits. So when ever you plan to buy makeup brushes keep these above mentioned lists with you for referrence.

I do hope that you guys found this helpful.