Friday, 20 January 2012

Asian Pakistani Bridal Eye Makeup Made Easy In 10 Simple Steps

There is a difference in Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi and Arabic bridal makeup. So today I am going to talk about the most common style of bridal makeup in Pakistan. And will simplify the eye makeup into 10 steps.

The Paksitani bridal makeup colours are selected according to the colours in the bridal dress. The eye makeup could consist of 3 or more colours but mainly there are:
  • The main eyeshadow colour which we will call "X"
  • The contrasting contouring eyeshadow colour which we will call "Y"
  • The highlight eyeshadow colour which we will call "Z"
  • The "Black" eyeshadow to intensify the look.

The eyes are very simple to create if you get the gist of the look. When you fill in your eyebrows, is just up to you but I prefer to fill them before I start applying eye-makeup as they act as a guideline for mapping out the shape of the eyeshadow. The 10 easy step for the eye-makeup are as following:

  1. Apply the main colour "X" on to the center of the lid. Apply few good layers to get the desired colour payoff.
  2. Apply contrasting colour "Y" in the crease. The colour could be darker or lighter than "X" but according to the colours present in the dress. Blend well. Leave space under the brow for Highlighter "Z"
  3. Apply highlighting shade "Z" in the inner corner of the eyes and under the brow. Blend well.
  4. Apply black eyeshadow on the outer 3rd part of the eye to intensify the outer corner. Take little product at a time. Blend well.
  5. On lower lashline apply "X" in the inner corner close to the lash line.
  6. The a little bit of contrasting shade "Y" in the middle of the lower lashline.
  7. Intensify the outer corner with the black eyeshadow and join lower lash line with upper lash line.
  8. Apply black khol pencil in water-line.
  9. Apply gel/cake eyeliner on the upper lash line; creating a fine point in the inner corner and a small flick on the outer corner.
  10. Apply mascara and thick false lashes.
And you are done with the eye-makeup. Apply your blusher, highlighter, and lipstick and you are ready to go!

This is just the most common style of Pakistani makeup. There might be more sophisticated and more creative looks aswell. It is not compulsory to use only 3-4 colours, once you know what you are doing you can play around with colours and incoorporate more shades.


Sunday, 8 January 2012

How To Get Rid of Dull, Sensitive, Ance Prone Skin And Get A Clear Glowing Skin.

This is the most regularly asked questions and thought that I will give my opinions on it one more time.When you resort to medicines and ointments the skin gets more weak and sensitive as ointments have strong steroids in them which can seriously damage the skin cells and hamper the regeneration process. So it is better to avoid excessive use of steroids or medicines.

There is no such magic that could fix a sensitive acne prone dull skin in a flash. For healthy skin you have to be very consistant on certain things and avoid unnatural things.

  • Eat healthy, drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water to get rid of excess oils and impurities on the skin. Exercise also help in clearing the skin as it regulates the blood supply and the sweat cleans out the pores from impurities and sebum (oil).
  • A long brisk walk is really healthy in many ways but believe it or not it also helps in clear  regulates the blood circulation, which means fresh blood pumping through out the body. Cells get fresh blood which means more oxygen, which mean faster chemical reactions, faster regeneration of cell, which leads to new and clean skin cells. Simplzz! :)
  • Cleanse your face with a mild cleansing facewash every night before bed. Keep the skin moisturized as too oily skin can cause acne as well as too dry skin as it can get irritated and also bacteria can get stuck in flaky skin.
  • If you are sensitive to cleansers then wash your face with Chicpea powder paste as it acts as a natural scrub plus toner. It will scrubs away dead skin and also controll oil.
  • Avoid too much chocolate and nuts....anything which has a very warm effect will cause acne and spots.
  • Last but not the least take a multivitamin tablet + Cod liver oil Capsule every morning with your breakfast and believe me you will see the difference soon not only wth your skin but also your hair.

After every few days I have been asked this question by some one "I have have sensitive, acne prone dull skin. How do I get rid of it??"  The only thing I have to tell is that there is no magic wand which can immediately repair your skin. You need to be patient and very consistant. If you need a clean, clear glowing skin then you have to follow all these step religiously everyday for atleast 3 months and soon you will see the difference. If you need a clear skin so badly, then you will stick to the plan and give time to your skin cells to cleanse themselves and start regenerating healhty cells. Slow and steady wins the race, so be patient but be steady in your regime. 

And STOP putting chemicals on you face!!! Let it breath!